Methuen Lake Cottage Association

Fall 2022 Newsletter

The Bernardos are one of the original families on the lake and central to this fabulous community. We are saddened to hear that the patriarch of the family, Clifford, passed away on the 23rd of October just shy of his 99th birthday. His son Steve says that Methuen Lake was Clifford’s spiritual home and he cherished it and his lake friends. Clifford lived a full life and was a model citizen (he donated blood to the Red Cross an astounding 174 times). He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and condolences are with Clifford’s wife Doris and the whole family. 

Another magical summer on the lake has slipped past. Will we remember this one for the lush foliage after the gypsy moth infestation last year or a bug season that seemed to go on forever?  However, everyone will remember both the storm and the fire at the Finlay’s with gratitude of the great and supportive community we have at Methuen Lake!  

After a chilly Canada Day Boat Parade we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display, it was well worth enduring those mozzies in the middle of the lake! Thanks to Dwight Finlay and Mike Homewood for putting it on. We are looking for volunteers to take this on from Dwight and Mike, – so please let us know if you are interested.

A large crew, armed with an artillery of weed whackers, spruced up the overgrown party island in record time. The Civic Day Celebration Picnic and MLCA AGM were a great success. The MC of the egg toss, Barb needs-no-megaphone Millar, sourced incredibly tough eggs, some of which suspiciously survived bouncing off rocks. Father/son duo Mo and Finn Mulvaney won the egg toss with Finn making the final incredibly acrobatic catch. The O’Dwyers fishpond, tie dyes and Adrienne Harris’ treasure hunt and tattoos were a hit with the kids. The hotdog chefs did a great job of cooking dozens of weiners on kaput bbqs. And who wasn’t wired for the rest of the day after overindulging on delicious sugary treats?

Martha Asselin put together a fantastic collection of hampers for the prize draw. Thanks to these generous donors….

Finlay ConstructionKennaley FamilyReid Family
Tuckers MarineMillar FamilyFinlay Family
Veggie ShackApsley Home HardwardBernardo Family
MacDonald/Booth FamilySmith FamilyAdele Freeman
Barnard FamilyWilliams Family 

A change of guard was voted in on the exec at the AGM with Bill Reid leaping from Vice Chair to Chair, and Trisha Lichtenberger filling Vice Chair and Alistair Munro Secretary. Sheila Finlay remains as our Treasurer and Adele Freeman as Lake Steward. An enormous thanks to our outgoing Secretary Sheila Alexander for the years she has kept the MLCA organised and cottages informed.  

Matt Bernardo wrote this section, – he should be editor for future newsletters. With lake commodore in chief Dave Bernardo unexpectedly away (presumably on important naval business), the sailors of Methuen jibbed, tacked and heeled across the lake under the watchful eye of acting commodore Matt Bernardo and his trusty lieutenants (Rhiannon, Conrad, William, Aubrey and Colin). In the very light summer breeze, some innovative tactics were observed to generate speed, most notable of which was the Seamus “front crawl/butterfly” swim technique on the bow of the family laser (innovation allowed due to carrying an additional crew in a single sailed boat).   Notwithstanding the gentle August puff, and in fine Methuen nautical tradition the race had its fair share of action, including multiple lead changes in both the solo and crewed classes, and the occasional capsized laser (who’se captain shall remain nameless but who was heroically rescued by Veronica Kitchen at one point)!!!!   The slightly soggy sailors finished off race day with the customary post-race libations and award ceremony, and unanimous agreement that we try racing on a windy day at least once this decade.”

Here are the unwritten rules of the annual Fishing Derby:

  • No fishing for the Halibut (hell-of-it)
  • No feeding mice to the catfish
  • Return fish that don’t shut up (big-mouthed bass). 

Thanks to Barry Noble and family for staying out on the hottest day of the summer to register participants and weigh the fish. The winners of the 10 and under and taking two of them to land their monster were Hunter and Emmett Greenall. Joshua Noble was second in this category landing a fish half inch shorter than the Greenall’s. Mathew Mastrangelo pipped Aaron Noble’s fish by an inch to take the teens trophy. In the adult category Stan Dubikcas landed a genuinely impressive fish weighing in a smidgen under 6 pounds. No need for lead weights in the belly at Methuen Lake. Tom Weatherburn caught the second largest fish of the day, – just over 4 pounds. 

If you are a foodie the Corn Roast has to be your favourite event on the lake of the year. The variety of delicious potluck items, together with Jim and Barb Millar’s corn cooked to perfection, was a recipe for overindulgence.

Fortunately the energy of the one man band prevented us falling into a post meal stupor. The biggest thanks go to the Bernardo’s for sharing their frog farm to host the potluck (and you thought those were chicken wings). Getting a band or an aspiring DJ for a modest sum of money isn’t easy, – so if anyone has ideas or a contact for next year, – please let us know in good time before next year’s celebration. 

Sadly the Lakethon was cancelled to avoid the participants getting frost bitten on an unseasonably cold day. The Landry’s plan to put this popular event on again next year and we keep our fingers crossed for better weather. 

It was a small crew that tackled the International Methuen Lake Walk/Run. We had some Dutch visitors participate. Emily Kettel made it two in a row winning the women’s race by a large margin. Visitor Eric Shaw took the men’s trophy. Barb and Jim Millar, romantically crossing the line together, won the masters category. 

A great read whilst perhaps getting cozy next to a warm fire this winter is Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X Kendi. This is the Book Club choice for the spring, so be sure to put it on your Christmas wish list. Dates to be decided. Thanks to Martha Asselin who hosts the Book Club.

We have a fledgling website, – a hobby project of Richard Bowry. It will be increasingly populated with great resources and dates of the activities on the lake.

This information should only be shared with association members and families. The resources section is password protected, “havelock”, all lower case.

There is map of the lake and contact list that can be downloaded. Please can you check the map details are correct including the lot number and fire route. 

If you have any comments or suggestions, – email us at MLCA 

Big thanks to Karen Reid and others who shared pictures for the newsletter.

We hope you have a wonderful winter and holiday season and if we don’t see you before then, – we look forward to seeing you at the lake next year.